Restaurant Essentials: Let's Talk About Aprons and Its Benefits

An apron is derived from the French word "naperon" which means "napkin" that serve as a protection of your clothes against dirt, stains, spills and debris. Aprons are popularly used among food service industries. Restaurant apron options include different styles and lengths depending on your needs and preference, allowing color coordination to differentiate chefs, bussers, and servers. To maintain a professional dress code, restaurant aprons will really make a huge difference, most especially if you have a uniform appearance, using more than one color so you can easily identify various teams in your organization. For example, one color can be designated as cooking apron, or dishwashing apron or even
Half Apron .

In addition to the professional look, aprons can offer, they are helpful in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. Your entire restaurant team such as your servers and chefs are able to keep their clothes free from stains, spills, and messes. Excellent aprons have versatile fit that includes adjustable and long drawstrings for a good fit, accommodating different sizes of people. The different types of apron depending on its style and length which include server apron, bib apron, bistro apron, cobbler apron, tuxedo apron, and dishwasher apron. Bib aprons or chef apronsĀ 
are best for chefs and cooks because they provide a space for wiping hands and provide full coverage for cooks against backsplash and spills. Bib aprons are available in wrinkle-resistant polyester, comfortable cotton, and poly-cotton blends for Bib with Pocket . Unlike other types of an apron, server aprons are half aprons that don't provide an upper body coverage. The server apron's shorter length provides the most comfort as servers are walking throughout your restaurant, and most include pockets so your waitresses and waiters are able to have guest checks, pens, and beverage straws reachable. Cobbler aprons are the same with bib aprons, but they are offering both front and back coverage with adjustable side ties so you can make the apron more loose or snug.

Tuxedo aprons are an upscale version of standard aprons and perfect to pair with a white button down shirts and bow ties for a clean and crisp look. Tuxedo aprons are ideal for catered events and banquets and are usually worn by front-of-the-house waitresses and waiters, enhancing the image of your elegant and prestigious restaurant. On the other hand, dishwasher aprons are waterproof that come in full-length designs, extending passed the knees. Some dishwasher aprons are heat-resistant, cut-resistant and fire retardant, protecting skin and clothing from grease, chemicals, build-up on pots, and equipment dirt and debris.