Different Types of Aprons

There are various types of aprons that are suitable for your specific need. An apron is designed as a protective layer wrapped in the front part of the body. The apron is commonly used in cooking but asde from that there are also other activities and tasks that require its use. Aprons come in different shapes and styles in order for it to be perfectly suitable for its intended use. Aprons can also be made of different clothing material. The quality of the apron will depend on its material and its manner of creation. In this article, we will discuss the various types of aprons like Kitchen Apron for different intended usage.

Bib Aprons
The most common type of apron that you can use in cooking and some other tasks such as carpentry, welding, gardening and other tasks done at home is called the bib apron. The bib apron protects the front part of the body. It will cover the upper and lower body and comes with a tie in the back part. This is the type of apron also used in commercial and industrial companies that involve messy tasks such as packing, cleaning and the likes. Having this type of Cooking Apron at home is a must because you can use it all around.

Restaurant Aprons
This is the type of apron you can often see worn by waiters and staffs in restaurants. This covers only the lower part of the body up until the knee and comes with a tie around the waist. This is also called a bistro apron. They have pockets in the front intended for restaurant staffs to place their notepads and ballpen used in taking the order of their customers.

Tuxedo Aprons
This is another type of apron that is commonly used in high end restaurants. Just like the bib aprons, this covers the upper and lower front part of the body. The only difference it has with the bib apron is its cut that resembles a tuxedo.

4-Way Aprons
The multi-purpose aprons used by chefs are called 4-way aprons. They are worn in the waist and they have 4 clean surfaces where the chef can wipe their hands with. It has 4 clean surfaces so that the chef won't have to regularly change their aprons.

Aprons also come in different colors and styles. You can buy aprons that have the design you want. Choose the apron that is intended for its purpose with a style and design that you like most.